Boulder Cuff is designed by Peter Genna, a fourth generation jeweler. He and his wife Kateri have been operating a retail jewelry store for 23 years and have been involved in all aspects of of the bussiness from goldsmithing to gemology, sales and most importantly, striving for excellence in customer service.

From Peter Genna, Creator:

I would always cuff my sleeve when I went to work, but never liked how the cuff would flail out of control. I thought, what is the solution to this problem? You think of cuff links, but they can only be worn on a French cuff shirt. I did a bunch of research and realized there was nothing on the market, so  I designed Boulder Cuff Links, the Evolution of Cuff Links. We are patent-pending for design.

I primarily designed these to be worn on a single-cuffed sleeve, but they can also be worn with a double-cuffed sleeve. Want to be more businesslike? Wear with the sleeve down by installing the short trails. Need to go formal with a tux? Use the French cuff trail! By using Boulder Cuff Links you can really tailor the look of your casual wear. It’s the perfect gift to men from women, because guys are so hard to buy for… they have everything, right?

One of the first things you notice about Boulder Cuffs is our unique texture.  As a brand, we like to stay true to our love of the outdoors and the many terrains it offers. The Tumble and Rhodium plated  finish of the metal is unlike most you’ll see on the market.

Each Boulder Cuff has pebbling in the texture of the sterling silver to give an earthy, naturalistic feel. So whether you’re in the boardroom or at a tailgate, Boulder Cuffs are sure to make a statement.